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Inisfree Farm is a One-of-a-kind Event Venue

Spirits soar at Inisfree...

When you dream of a place for your special day, are you hoping to find one place unlike any other? A place that not only captivates your heart and soul but where your guests will share that same experience?

Inisfree Farm is that magical place - where your spirit is rejuvenated, your cares drift away and “farm life” takes on a whole new meaning.

Our farm dates back to 1893 when a Civil War officer began farming the land. Today, we have 30 acres of the farmland - a private and picturesque setting that we call Home. Surrounded by numerous wineries, fruit orchards, cheese farms, artists’ studios, and of course, intriguing coastal villages, there are plenty of places to explore.

Inisfree Farm is a magical place. You can only imagine from these printed words, so we warmly invite you to visit Inisfree Farm - to see if it is the perfect place you would like to reserve for your special event.


1073 62nd Street, Pullman, MI  49450